Wiley and Patsy Sexton are great friends.  It seems like yesterday that Debbie and I spent most of our time with them.  Patsy says we were just kids.  And we were.  Debbie and I had been married for a short time and Wiley and Patsy were folks that we loved hanging with.  Since we had no money Wiley and Patsy always took us to lunch/dinner after worship or Wednesday Bible study.  Our favorite place was El Palacio of Mexican Food.  (El Palacio means eating place)  Many wonderful hours were spent in this restaurant.  On many occasions we would leave the restaurant and go to the movies which cost Debbie and I nothing.  Again Wiley and Patsy paid.  I still remember all of the times we spent together with the teen agers at camp, the times we spent together in Metter, GA. doing campaign work for the Mastin Lake Church of Christ.  Metter was a place where the church focused their missionary effort.  There were many parties at their home and at the church.  They owned a florist and we would help them on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day.  Wiley was a very generous individual who gave and gave and gave to help people in need and who assisted many others by providing them jobs when others would not.  I own two Stetson cowboy hats because Wiley gave them to me for Christmas.  They had four sons, one who was killed in an accident on a job site.  Wiley was a master plumber and it was on one of his jobs that the accident happened.  Since Patsy did not have any daughters they decided that our daughter would be their daughter.  So for several years they clothed Natasha.  We still have photos of many of the things they purchased for her.  During these times Debbie and I were so blessed to have them as friends and enjoyed their generosity.  That is not why I loved being with them.  These folks loved the Lord  and loved to have fun and fun is what we had.  There is no way that we could ever repay them for the kindness they showed us.  We love Patsy and Wiley Sexton.

On Sunday, April 18th, Debbie and I received a phone call that Wiley was in the hospital in Franklin, TN. and was not doing very well.  When talking to Betty, Patsy’s sister, she said that Patsy wanted me to do Wiley’s funeral.  I was so honored but was upset that Wiley was in such a bad way.  I told Betty that we would be up there on Monday or Tuesday but she said to call first because it might be too late.  Debbie insisted we go up on that Sunday afternoon.  So she and I left for Franklin and arrived at 5:15 in the afternoon.  After talking with Patsy and the boys we were taken back to see Wiley.  I had so much that I wanted to tell him and driving to Franklin I thought of all the good times we had and the things I wanted to say.  We entered the room at 5:30 and the doctor was finishing up and exam.  He told the family that he thought Wiley would not live through the night.  At about 5:35 I finally had an opportunity to walk up to the bed and hold his hand.  Five minutes later I watched him take his last breath, my first time to see a person leave this life for eternity.  And I never had a chance to tell Wiley how I felt about him and his family.  For this I felt so sad.

Life is so short.  It seems to me that it was a few days ago when Wiley and I met but over thirty years have passed.  Where did the time go?  How did my friend who lacked 12 days being 72 pass from this life so quickly?  WOW!  A lifetime was over in a blink of an eye.  This makes me realize that in a short time I am going to march off the stage; my life will be over.  And at that very moment there will not be any more battles to fight. .

This helps me to understand brother James who said in his book, chapter 4, verse 14—For what is your life?  It is even a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away. 

No wonder David cried out when thinking about his life, O Lord, my hope is in thee.

Sermons for May 2nd

Sunday AM  Responsibility                Privilege and Responsibility    Corporate and Individual

Sunday PM  Responsibility                 Family, Church, Community, Hampton Cove

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