Did you notice in The Huntsville Times on Sunday, April 11, 2010, the article which stated that the Madison county area is growing.  Estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau projected that the Metropolitan area (Madison and Limestone County) of North Alabama grew by almost 64,000 people since the last census in 2000.   I imagine that you already knew this by the crowded highways, stores, and restaurants in our area.  In fact, it appears for the first time in the history of our area we will have over 400,000 people.  This is expected to be confirmed with the 2010 census.

Did you realize that Huntsville’s metro population is closing in on Mobile and with BRAC transfers, will soon become the second largest metro area in the state.  Dr. Don Bogie, calls the area’s growth “eye popping.”  The experts say that the rapid growth may cause problems with infrastructure and a greater demand for food and services.  (Example:  I visited the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Friday and they were out of three different selections.  The response was that so many people has purchased the food that they did not have enough)

Most of the new growth is happening right here in Madison county where our population is estimated to be over 327,744 folks.  Bogie further stated that the cause for the population explosion is a result of “hefty net migration into the area.”  More births than deaths are occurring so that means that we have younger families with kids in our area.

Take a look at our neighborhood at the structures that are being built.   While driving down highway 431 I noticed that the following new businesses are being built—a new car wash, a doc in the box (walk in Dr. office), and yes, a new school is under construction with plans to open soon.  It seems that sub-divisions are being built in areas that once housed cotton fields, or land for cattle and horses. I anxiously await the arrival of restaurants that I enjoy visiting. 

But of more importance is the growing opportunity for the church, particularly the Hampton Cove Church of Christ.  Now is the time to

  1.  Prepare—to reach the lost
  2.  Plan—to deliver the message
  3.  Execute—take it to the community

The people that live in our community and also those who are moving or will be moving to the area must hear the story of Jesus and we are responsible to deliver it.

Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvests.              (John 4:35)

The Bible statement, “for such a time as this” applies to us now.

Pray you, to the “Lord of Harvest” that we will be successful

Then do it.

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