Do you have dogwood trees in your yard?  When the dogwood blooms I know spring is just around the corner.  When in full bloom these are some of the most magnificent trees in all of God’s creation.  I have noticed that they are blooming here in North Alabama although the beauty is not as dramatic as it is further south.   On Tuesday, I took Debbie to Birmingham for a doctor visit.  Once the visit was over I went by Western Supermarket headquarters to visit a friend who I haven’t seen in several months.  In front of the office were six or so dogwood trees that were in full bloom.  Of course, we took the time to look at them.  We decided to drive back up I65 instead of going through Guntersville.  Our original plan was not to travel north on the interstate because of the dreaded sink hole.  But the traffic was light and we, along with everyone else except tractor trailer trucks, could travel all the way to Hartselle before having to exit I65.  In fact this turned out to be a very easy ride with hardly any waiting.  It might have taken us ten minutes longer which was not too bad.  But I digress.

On the way north I was enjoying the spring weather.  There were peaks of sunshine, clouds, and warm weather.  Oooooh, spring is in the air.  While enjoying the beauty of the day we passed a large wooded area of pine trees.  Now as beautiful as dogwoods are, pine trees are ugly.  I know this because I have several in my back yard.  On the ground are either limbs, dried up pine needles, pine cones, or green pine needles.  You get the picture, right.  I thought to myself, more pine trees that I am glad are not in my yard. In the middle of all of the pine trees was one lonely, beautiful dogwood.   It was blooming.  My attention was immediately given to the dogwood.

And then it hit me.  As a Christian I am suppose to be the dogwood and the world is the pines.  Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our father in heaven.”  The dogwood stood out and shined compared to the pine trees.  Are we seen as brightly as that dogwood?  Does our behavior stand out to others?  What a contract I saw.  Then I was reminded of  II Corinthians 6:17— “Come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord”.  As Christians we are different from the rest of the world.  I challenge to show the world like the dogwood did me that we are indeed different! 




“Wounds of the soul” is the sermon I plan on presenting the first Sunday of April and it is    April 4th.  Invite your friends and family because I believe this message will appeal to all of us.  Every person carries wounds and, therefore, needs this lesson.  If they come I believe they will benefit from the lesson.

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You can learn a lot in the restroom.  Last Sunday while in there I heard this comment from Brother John Paseur—“Boy, that was a good dinner.”  Now for those of you who are younger you may not know that dinner is really lunch.  What you call dinner is supper to many of us.  I also heard from Joe Claxton this comment, “I ate too much.”  That comment was probably true about most of us who attended the fellowship meal.  Joe also stated, I have told my wife that we do more than study the Bible, we also eat. Another comment was made about needing a nap.  Perhaps this sums up our first fellowship in 2010.  Wasn’t it a great day?  The worship service was uplifting, we had enough food to feed many others, and it was great.  No one left Sunday hungry.  I enjoyed the time together but especially enjoyed the singing in the afternoon service.  At the end of the day I left the church building encouraged, uplifted, excited, and full.  As usual the ladies did a wonderful job preparing the meal.  Thanks ladies!


I am enjoying the weekly Wednesday night messages being presented by the men of the congregation.  Thus far we have had the following messages

Harry Fields                            Job

Jim Andrews                  Four Lepers

Brad Spivey                            Decisions

I look forward to hearing the other lessons on Wednesday evenings.


Look for changes in the overhead announcements in the coming weeks.  A new format is being designed and should be ready to go within the next few weeks.  We hope that our changes will not only be on the overhead but also on the web.  Speaking of the web, you will be able to see Parkers pen on our web in the very near future.


There are comments around the church building and in our community regarding the sermon I preached about the Christian Dress Code.  Since I suggested that the men of the congregation wear suits or shirt and ties when serving at the table, it now appears that the men are saying that the preacher needs to grow hair.  Do What!


I am preparing a sermon that I plan on presenting the first Sunday in April.  This is one sermon that I wish everyone in the world could hear.  The title will be, “Wounds in the soul.”  Everyone today faces wounds that have pierced the soul.  This sermon will provide hope, and a way to deal with whatever issue you may have or face.  Invite your friends, family, anyone because I believe the lesson will be a blessing to all of us.

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